sayal devi


About Candidate



IR and Management 2017
Fiji National University

I Completed around 8 units which included the below. Due to personal reasons had to leave school. LNG401 LNG501 MGT501 MGT503 MKT501 MKT502 HRM501 HRM502

Certificate in Social Media Marketing 2022
Ensign College, Utah / Online

I am currently enrolled for Bachelors in Communication program with Ensign College. After Certificate comes Associates and then Degree.

Work & Experience

Customer Sales and Service Representative 4/062016 - 2017
Mindpearl Organization

While I was working as Customer Sales and Service Representative I was given the opportunity to become a frequent flyer agent where we handle calls and emails from frequent flyers. We had to book first class and business class tickets.

Help Desh Agent 2017 - 2019
Mindpearl Organization

I was promoted to the helpdesk line where I had to assist agents with difficult calls whilst responding to email queries. I was also responsible for handling manager calls when a disgruntled customer wanted to talk to the manager, the calls were transferred to us.