June 15, 2004

About Candidate


I am a motivated and ambitious second-year university student pursuing a degree in IT Engineering eager to embark on my professional journey. While I may lack formal work experience, I bring a wealth of enthusiasm, determination, and a strong work ethic to any role I undertake. As a dedicated learner, I thrive on challenges and am committed to acquiring new skills and knowledge to excel in any opportunity presented to me.

My time at university has equipped me with valuable academic insights and honed my critical thinking abilities, which I am eager to apply in a practical setting. I am adaptable, resourceful, and possess excellent communication skills, making me well-suited for roles that require collaboration and problem-solving.

I am excited about the prospect of joining a dynamic team and contributing positively to its success. With a willingness to learn, grow, and contribute, I am confident in my ability to make meaningful contributions and thrive in any work environment.

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to bring my passion and dedication to your team and am ready to take on new challenges with enthusiasm.

Warm regards,

Melania Maraia Tava



Primary Education 2010 - 2017
Saint Agnes Primary School

I attended Saint Agnes Primary School in Nabua, Suva since 2010 ( year 1) to 2017 (year 8).

Secondary Education 2018 - 2022
Saint Joseph's Secondary School

I attended this prestigious school straight after my Primary education and graduated with a form seventh leaving certificate in 2022.

Tertiary Education 2023 till date
University of the South Pacific

I am a 2nd year student at the University of the South Pacific currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology Engineering.

Work & Experience

High School Student Council Representative 2020 - 2021
Saint Joseph's Secondary School

Responsibilities: Attended meetings and coordinated activities/events Represented student body in discussions with school administration Collaborated with fellow council members to address student concerns and implement initiatives Managed budgets and allocated funds for various projects Developed leadership, communication, and organizational skills through role

High School Student Council President February 2022 - November 2022
Saint Joseph's Secondary School

As the president, I was expected to provide strong leadership to the student council and represent the student body effectively. Conducted and led council meetings, setting agendas, and ensuring that discussions are productive and focused on addressing student concerns. Serving as the primary liaison between the student body, school administration, faculty, and other stakeholders. This involved communicating student opinions, concerns, and initiatives to relevant parties, as well as conveying decisions made by the council to students. Organizing and overseeing various school events and activities, such as annual school funday, Fiji Day Celebration, library week, and community service projects. This included coordinating logistics, delegating tasks, and ensuring that events run smoothly.


Certificate Of Leadership 2022
Student Council President
Certificate of Leaving 2022
Form Seven Graduate
Certificate of Participation 2018 - 2022
Athletics Season. I participated in High Jump and Long Jump