1. Overview.

Kindly review this agreement thoroughly before accessing or utilising the information and services provided by the jobz website (“Site”). Through your access or usage of the Site, you signify your consent to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Jobz reserves the right to make alterations to this agreement at any given time, with such changes becoming effective immediately upon the posting of the updated agreement on the Site. Advertisers employing Jobz services and the Site are required to acknowledge and comply with the terms and conditions outlined herein. Additionally, Jobz maintains a comprehensive privacy policy that pertains to Site users

2. Information for personal, non- commercial use.

The information provided on this Site is intended solely for personal, non-commercial use. You acknowledge and agree that the content found on this Site may not be sold, redistributed, or utilized for any commercial purposes. This restriction encompasses the usage of Advertiser contact details for unsolicited commercial communication, as well as information accessible through our Hiring Advice and Market Insights resources domain (https://jobz.com.fj/). You are permitted to download materials from this Site solely for your personal, non-commercial use, as long as you retain all copyright and proprietary notices intact.

Modifying, copying, reproducing, republishing, uploading, posting, transmitting, or distributing any material from this Site, including code and software, in any manner is prohibited. It is essential not to employ this Site for any unlawful or prohibited activities as specified by these terms of use.

Utilizing data mining, robots, screen scraping, or similar automated tools for data gathering, extraction, or publication on this Site, including efforts to establish, maintain, advance, or reproduce the information found on our Site on your own website or in other publications, requires Our prior written consent.

3. Information does not represent professional advice.

The information presented by Jobz should not be construed as professional advice. You acknowledge and accept that the information published by Jobz is intended to offer general insights in a summarised manner, covering topics such as market trends and legal issues. However, Jobz does not guarantee the accuracy or comprehensiveness of such information.

Jobz does not endorse or suggest any jobs, business opportunities, or self-employment ventures advertised on its Site. It is strongly recommended that, before engaging in any agreement with Advertisers on the Site, you seek independent legal, accounting, financial, or taxation advice that suits your circumstances. The evaluation of the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all opinions, advice, services, merchandise, and other information provided through the Site or the Internet in general solely rests upon you.

Jobz holds no liability towards you or any other individual for any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon the information found on the Site. Your discretion and independent assessment are crucial when considering the information, and Jobz shall not be held responsible for any consequences stemming from such decisions or actions.

4. No Assurance of Job Availability

Jobz does not provide any assurance regarding the ongoing availability of specific job openings advertised on the Site. Jobz will not be held liable if an advertiser has filled a vacancy before the removal of the advertisement from the Site.

Although Jobz makes endeavours to ensure that advertised jobs are genuine vacancies, it cannot guarantee that every job advertisement signifies an actual job opening.

5. Our Authority to Utilise Submitted Information

Jobz values your input and insights regarding all facets of the Site. By submitting materials or information (including suggestions for enhancements and new products or services) to any public sections of the Site (such as bulletin boards, forums, and newsgroups) or via email to Jobz, you consent to Jobz’s right to reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works, and publicly display such materials and information. (For further details on our approach to the information you share with us, please refer to our privacy policy.)

6. Your Accountability for Login Information

In order to become a registered user, you must provide Jobz with an email address and password. Alternatively, you can register using your Google, Facebook logins, or Apple ID details (collectively referred to as “login details”). It is your sole responsibility to uphold the confidentiality of your login details. Additionally, you are fully accountable for any and all activities carried out under your account. You have the option to modify your password anytime by following the provided instructions under ‘Settings’. Furthermore, you can conveniently remove services linked to your registration.

By using our services, you pledge to promptly inform Jobz about any unauthorised usage of your login details or any security breaches relevant to Jobz that come to your attention.

7. General Terms

In the event that any portion of this agreement is deemed invalid, that specific part will be removed from this agreement, while the remaining sections will remain valid and enforceable.

Terminating this agreement will not affect provisions that are designed to endure its conclusion.

This agreement is governed by the laws of Fiji, and you unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of its Courts, including Appellate Courts and the Federal Court of Fiji.

In the context of this agreement, terms like “Jobz,” “Jobz Limited,” “We,” “Our,” and “Us” pertain to Jobz, while “Site” pertains to the content presented on https://jobz.com.fj/ and other co-branded versions of the site.